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Florent D

Marketing Intelligence Manager - Produpress Advertising

(16 reviews)
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As a Marketing Intelligence Manager, I specialize in transforming raw data into contextualized insights and verified knowledge, to help my clients take the right marketing decisions. With over two decades of experience in the field, I have worked with several leading brands, including P&G, Nestl, Greenpeace, Danone, and helped most of the active brands in the automotive ecosystem. My core s... Read more

Paras S

Engineering Manager - Coinbase

(2 reviews)
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By way of introduction, I am Paras Shah, an Engineering Manager at Coinbase. Here are some noteworthy and relevant pieces of information: - 18+ years of experience in the tech industry - Conducted over 500+ interviews including at companies like Riverbed, Cisco and Coinbase. - Conducted 120+ mock interviews on various platforms such as, mentorcruise, faangpath etc. - Signi... Read more

Muhammad U

Frontend Engineer - Amazon Web Services

(5 reviews)
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Hi, My name is Muhammad Umer and I am a Software Engineer currently working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) (! I work in the identity organization - which means everything related to login/session management/Single Sign on etc. If you have ever logged into AWS, you have used my work. Previously, I was working with Upwork ( which is the largest Fre... Read more

Arwin L

Cloud Engineer - Microsoft

(14 reviews)
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I graduated from the University of California, Davis in Spring of '20 with a degree in biotechnology (microbiology turned bioinformatics track). Landed a job in tech at Tapway and never looked back. I now work in Microsoft as an Azure Cloud Support Engineer, supporting various Fortune 500 and strategic customers globally. As the former Cloud and Data Lead at Tapway, I specialized in AWS, APIs, ... Read more

Femi O

Security Consultant - TELUS

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Femi Ogunji is a highly experienced Information Security Professional with expertise in developing and implementing technology and information security strategies to drive business growth and improve the security posture of organizations. With over 10 years of experience in the field, Femi is skilled in leading the design, implementation, and management of security solutions to detect, respond to,... Read more

Jeffrey W   Rising Mentor   Top 50      Verified

Data Analyst - Dell

(8 reviews)
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I'm a data analyst with over five years of experience driving business solutions and delivering value through data interpretation and analysis. I have worked for companies such as Oracle and Deloitte in the past. I have a solid knowledge in analytics, statistics, and finance and I’m also proficient in data modeling, cleaning, manipulation, and transformation. Some of the tools I work with includ... Read more

Lynn N   Rising Mentor   Top 50   Top 5%      Verified

ERP Business Analyst - Virgin

(15 reviews)
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I currently work as an ERP business analyst for Virgin. Prior to that I was with Grupo Santander as an SAP finance control analyst and BBC News as an SAP functional consultant. As you’ve probably already guessed it, I’m an expert at SAP, capable of full cycle implementation of finance and controlling SAP systems. I can handle everything from user requirements implementation, accounts configura... Read more

Gary A   Rising Mentor   Top 50   Top 5%

Project Manager - Microsoft

(18 reviews)
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Hello everyone! I'm Gary. A passionate, project management professional currently with Microsoft. I have 7+ years of demonstrated experience in leading, managing, and executing large-scale web development projects. My work primarily consists of three types of activities: • Pre-engagement - identifying a need or opportunity, defining objectives, developing a high-level solution approach, and ... Read more

Chean S   Rising Mentor   Featured Mentor   Top 50

Business Analyst - Credit Suisse

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Passionate about business, finance, and analysis. Working in the finance sector for 7 years now, with a focus on automation of financial processes. Currently involved with Credit Suisse and previously worked for Citi. Some of the functions I perform and the projects I was involved in include designing predictive models, automating reporting processes, and conducting feasibility analysis. I dec... Read more

Grant W   New Mentor   Rising Mentor   Featured Mentor   Top 1%      Verified

Project Manager - IBM

(17 reviews)
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I've been in the project management industry for almost 7 years. My professional experience has taught me one thing: Companies always seek talented individuals who can help them solve their business-related problems. And that's where project managers like me come in! I started my career as a junior project management staff for a startup. I also worked on a project where I was responsible for de... Read more

Lucy E   Top 1%

Data Analyst - Oracle

(18 reviews)
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Thank you for taking the time to look through my profile. I'm a data analyst and researcher with more than 7 years of professional experience. Although my background is in finance, I've always had interest in data, which made me decide to pursue it as a career. I'm currently working at Oracle where I am responsible for leading a small data analysis and management team. My professional interests... Read more

Finn D   New Mentor   Rising Mentor   Top 25   Top 1%

Seasoned Action-focused Data Analyst - Apple

(16 reviews)
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I'm a seasoned and action-focused data analyst with 7+ years of experience in quantitative analysis and reporting, application design, project management, and software development in the technology and eCommerce sectors. I started in the finance sector as an actuary and made my transition into the tech sector in 2017. I have worked for Expedia and Microsoft, respectively, during my first two ye... Read more