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Carrie B

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Data Analyst - Samsung

(9 reviews)
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A few things about me: • 6+ years of expertise in data-driven decision support systems, designing data strategies, information management solutions, and corporate data architectures. • Currently working at Samsung, developing data roadmaps and plans for organizations, data product management, data analytics consulting, and strategic business intelligence. • Dedicated my whole career t... Read more

Charlie H

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Tech Business Analyst - Morgan Stanley

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I am a marketer by background and transitioned fully into business analysis about 6 years ago. I worked in media, fintech, and telecommunication, and now in investment banking with Morgan Stanley. In my current role as a tech business analyst, I work with data consumers, manage datasets and data-related issues, monitoring data quality controls, doing sprint planning, and reporting on project statu... Read more

Rudolf H

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Project Manager - Deloitte

(36 reviews)
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I'm passionate about building and growing great online and mobile solutions that have a huge impact on millions of lives all over the globe. I've been working as a project manager at Deloitte for a couple of years now, and I have a lot to share with individuals looking to enter or further their careers in this field. In addition to having experience in traditional project management, I'm also w... Read more

Jackie T

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Software Tester - Wells Fargo

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I’ve been a software tester for 6 years, 2 years of which is at Wells Fargo. I’ve also been recently involved in mentoring new software testers in the company. I started my career in a startup and worked my way to more established companies, including IBM. Thanks to my professional experience, I’ve worked with and learned from some of the most amazing development teams, which also taught me ... Read more

Natalie A

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Test Automation Engineer - KPMG

(31 reviews)
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9+ years of experience in software testing (manual and automation) with a solid grounding in test planning and design, test execution, and defect reporting and tracking. My domain expertise includes e-commerce, adtech, and mobile applications. Currently working as a test automation engineer at KPMG, and previously worked for AT&T. I get a kick out of helping and coaching people so they can real... Read more

Yvette Y

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System Business Analyst - BDO

(7 reviews)
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I have more than five years of experience as a business analyst within the banking and financial sector. At present, I’m with BDO as a system business analyst, eliciting, analysing, documenting, and validating business requirements and processes for technology initiatives. I also monitor QA/QC activities and collaborate with developers, designers, and architects to ensure alignment of systems wi... Read more

Andrew C

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Project Manager - KPMG

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For almost 8 years, I've worked in the accounting and financial sector. At present, I specialize in client tax analysis and advisory as a project manager at KPMG. I'm also in charge of test planning and execution, facilitating meetings, creating ALM business needs, configuring test accounts, modifying current procedures, and creating job aids for any process improvements. During the year-end proje... Read more

Ann P

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Quality Assurance Analyst - Amazon

(47 reviews)
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As an experienced QA analyst, I have a proven track record in developing and implementing test plans, cases, and processes that allow for swift resolution of bugs/defects during the development lifecycle. I have tested a variety of digital products for clients across industries using different testing methods and technologies. In my current role with Amazon, I test web-based applications for upcom... Read more

Abbey H

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Senior Data Analyst - Netflix

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Hello everyone! My name is Abbey. I'm a data analyst with over 8+ years of experience working in various industries. I started my career in data at a small company called Jumpshot. I then worked for Optimizely as a data analyst and product manager. Currently, I'm with Netflix as a senior data analyst under the marketing analytics department. My team is responsible for understanding how people watc... Read more

Luke S

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Data Analyst - Google

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Hello there! My name is Luke. I understand how challenging it is to break into data analysis. I was in your shoes a few years ago, and I know how frustrating it can be. But with hard work and support from the right people, I made it into the industry and still in it for 7 years now. I am a data analyst at Google. And prior to that, I worked with a couple of startups, small businesses, and large... Read more

Bennet M

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Senior Quality Assurance Analyst - Oracle

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As a QA leader and senior QA analyst at Oracle, my career moved from working at startups to bigger and more established companies. Throughout, I was able to become a part of teams with some of the most knowledgeable and passionate developers, designers, and testers and worked on a wide variety of projects for clients from different industries. All that helped me build my experience in developing a... Read more

Anne C

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Business Analyst - EY

(12 reviews)
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Business analysis professional with in-depth experience in solving complex business problems and driving revenue growth. Presently working in EY, helping clients in the development and delivery of process innovations with a goal of increasing operational efficiency. Some of my areas of expertise include requirements gathering and analysis, risk management, enterprise implementations, KPI dashboard... Read more