Providing a quick and effective way to receive professional mentorship.

Mentorship is an ideal tool for empowering people to better themselves, maximise their potentials, and overcome the challenges they are facing. Speedy Mentors is at the forefront of bringing mentors and mentees together in a quick and effective manner.

Speedy Mentors connects mentees to mentors who are active in the IT field.

What makes our platform and service unique is that mentees and mentors have the power to decide who they want to work with. On the part of mentees, they can choose from a number of experienced professionals from different IT disciplines. As for the mentors, they can also choose the mentees they would like to take in depending on their availability and if they believe they can provide what the mentees are looking for.

A mentoring relationship can start immediately. The arrangement can either be a one-off session to address immediate needs or a long-term working relationship that sees mentors supporting mentees in building their professional skills and experiences and achieving their career goals.

Through our platform, we hope to bring immense value to both mentors and mentees that will make them feel empowered to reach their full potential.