Effective programs that have helped hundreds of candidates launch their careers.

Hundreds of candidates have already gained practical and technical skills and experience from our programs that have helped in launching their careers. Get into any of our program and enjoy the same reward or reap even bigger and better results in your career.

Speedy Mentors delivers practical programs that are proven to bring positive results in candidates' careers.

The purpose of Speedy Mentors is simple: We are trying to bridge the gap between education and employment. That is why we bring practical programs that candidates can undertake to build skills and practical experience that will serve as their competitive advantage in today's job market. So whether you are a new graduate preparing to pursue your first role or a professional ready to pivot careers, our programs can provide you the best opportunity to succeed in your career pursuit.

We know that the old-school model of learning facts passively is no longer enough to prepare candidates to survive the tough job market. That inspired us to design all our programs to be project-based and expert-led. For 12 weeks, candidates get the chance to do projects and tasks, exploring complex challenges that reflect the realities of a sector or role they want to pursue and discovering solutions to those challenges. Along the way, they are guided and supported by an expert mentor from an industry-leading company. With these dynamic approaches, we help candidates stimulate their intrinsic curiosity, focus on real issues and find ways to address them, receive advice and feedback, and build in-demand skills and experiences that will distinguish them from other candidates in the job market.

In short, Speedy Mentors prepare candidates for success in their careers. Feel empowered and achieve your fullest potential by getting into any of our programs.