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CV Feedback

Let an expert take a look at your CV and provide feedback that you can use to make changes that will help highlight your capabilities and accomplishments and make you stand out in a crowded and competitive IT job market.

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Work Review

Stuck in a project and need insight on how to move forward? Need feedback to make improvements to your output? A mentor can help you get out of the bind so you can ace through your project and achieve your desired outcome.

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Study Plan

Whether you are trying to learn a new skill or preparing to sit for a certification exam, a mentor can work with you in preparing a study plan complete with information on where you can find resources to assist in your learning.

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Career Strategy

When you find yourself in a career rut or you cannot decide what should be your next career move, this session could just be what you need to get an outside perspective from one of our mentors that can help drive things forward in your career.

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Interview Preparation

Got job interviews lined up? Do not forget that the interview answers you will provide to hiring managers can make or break your chances for employment. With that in mind, you want to make sure that you come well equipped for the ‘battle’ so you do not end up sounding too scripted and formulaic or looking unprepared. In that case, this session will be a good choice to prep yourself up forRead more

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All mentorship opportunities available through our platform are open to everyone with an interest to build their IT skills and career.