Get paid for sharing your experience and expertise

Mentoring need not be a paid gig because it usually develops naturally, especially in the office. Although we always appreciate knowledgeable mentors mentoring others for free, we believe that the insight, experience, expertise and support you can give deserves more than just a verbal expression of appreciation.


Initially feel like giving the most as a mentor


Realize it builds your own leadership abilities

Role Model

Become a role model and build a valuable network


Fill out the application form

with details being asked. Aside from knowing about your experience, skills and achievements, we want to know how passionate you are about sharing your expertise to other people.



We want to make sure that you are a good fit

Give our team a couple of days to review your application. We want to make sure that you are a good fit to be a mentor within a specific discipline or role. One of our team members may also contact you for further information.



If you are accepted as a mentor on our platform

you will receive an email explaining that you have been accepted as well as your login information and other relevant details. If you aren't accepted you will also receive an email stating that you have been declined.



To set you up for the mentoring process,

you will have your own profile where we will pair you with a mentee with similar interests and background. You will be responsible for their assignments, tasks, feedback, and general support. The externship & mentorship program will last for 10 weeks.