Software Testing Employment Assistance Program


Kick Start Your Career in Software Testing Employment Assistance Program.

Kick Start Your Career in Software Testing Through Project Experience, Mentorship and Employment Support.

Whether you are looking for your first software testing job, a career change, or simply upgrading your skills, we can help you. Speedy Mentors aims to become the first choice as an educational and work placement program provider for candidates across the globe.

Having relevant work experience and professional qualifications is one of the most effective ways to improve your career and enhance your prospects of securing a high paying, competitive Software testing role.

Speedy Mentors is here to help you achieve that goal with our expert software testing employment assistance program, flexible study options, 12 months of interest-free finance, and a first- class recruitment support team.

Software Testing Career

With an average salary of £47,000, a software tester job can be a very lucrative career path. Besides the substantial salary, it also offers plenty of job opportunities. Additionally, software testers generally report higher job satisfaction and work-life balance.

Another perk of a career in software testing: the endless possibilities. Since a software tester can work in various software projects for every type of business and industry, two software testers can have completely different job responsibilities and still enjoy rewarding careers.

Like any career, though, the nature of work itself is a significant factor in whether a software testing career is right for you. The skills and competencies you have will, to a large degree, determine your success.

Experienced software testers can earn in excess of £70,000 or higher if they look to become senior software testers.

Career Opportunities

By completing our software testing employment assistance program, you will show potential employers that you are fully committed to a career in software testing and can complete the duties the role entails. It will also show potential employers that you have gained the necessary skills and attributes to effectively work in a software testing environment.

Many of our candidates who complete the program look for careers such as:

Trainee Software Tester – with an average salary of £47,000

Program Overview

For 12 weeks, you will complete real-life projects, working alongside a senior software tester. These projects are designed to help you develop software testing skills to make you job-ready. At the end of the 12-week program, you will be guaranteed to acquire the right skills to make you stand out and find a software testing role.

You will be assigned a software tester mentor to work with you over 12 weeks. Our software tester mentors come from a wide range of backgrounds and companies. All communications will be conducted through the portal, which you will have access to throughout the duration of the program. Through the portal, you can connect with your mentor in real-time.

The program is to be completed remotely. That means, you can do it from anywhere in the world. All you need is to have access to a laptop and an Internet connection.

Jobs You Can Apply For
  • Software Tester
  • QA Tester

Expected Salary on program Completion


What You Will Learn

At the end of the 12-week program, you will be able to:

  • Read documents and understand what needs to be tested.
  • Based on the information procured, decide how it is to be tested.
  • Inform the test lead about what resources will be required for software testing.
  • Develop test cases and prioritise testing activities.
  • Execute all test cases and report defects, defining the severity and priority for each defect.
  • Carry out regression testing when changes are made to the code to fix defects.
  • Create test designs, test processes, test cases, and test data.
  • Carry out testing as per defined procedures.
  • Participate in walkthroughs of testing procedures.
  • Prepare all reports related to conducted software tests.
  • Ensure that all tested related work is carried out as per defined standards and procedures.

Program Completion

Upon completing the program, you will receive:

  • A certificate of completion.
  • A reference from a software tester to support your job application.
  • Career assistance from a top-notch recruitment team that has helped thousands of applicants land their dream jobs.
  • Assistance in distributing your CV to our large network of recruiters and employers.
  • Ongoing support from our team until you secure a software testing role.

There is more to it than a certificate and career assistance.

  • You will have the perfect, winning CV.
  • You will have software testing experience on your CV.

This will make your job application more attractive.

  • You can fill up your CV with details elaborating all the tasks you completed in the program and their outcomes.
  • This shows potential employers that you can hit the ground running.
  • During job interviews, you can confidently talk about the software testing process and impress interviewers with your in-depth knowledge of the discipline.
  • You can walk into an organisation and readily take on a software testing role.

Top Recruitment Team

If you find it challenging to get a job in this current climate, want a career change, or are looking to begin the job search process, our careers support team will help you get started, motivated, and hired. They have helped many people just like you kick-start their careers, earn an excellent salary, and enjoy a rewarding life.

Our career support team is in daily contact with top national employers from all over the country. They receive feedback from applications and interviews that we have helped generate for candidates and are in the know about the latest market information.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting it right. And with Speedy Mentors' careers support team, we will do just that to help our candidates better prepare for the job market and, most importantly, get hired. We will help you get it right the first time around, so you can get a job quickly regardless of the competition and other challenges.

Why Choose Us?

With our first-class employment assistance programs, we will ensure you gain professional project experience to help get you on the career path you want.

Amazing Mentors

We do everything possible to ensure you start an enriching career. Our mentors are fully qualified and provide excellent support when you need it. You will learn from the best and have a valid reference to show employers.

High Salary

95% of our candidates secure a role with a minimum starting salary of £47,000

Outstanding Career Support

Our specialist career support team will be working alongside you until you find employment. We are with you all the way.

12-Months Interest-Free Finance

You can enroll in the program with a 12-month interest-free finance. 95% of our candidates secured a role within eight weeks of program completion and covered their total loan amount in one month.


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