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Lewis R

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Business analyst - Barclays

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I’m a business analyst for Barclays, where I do business and workflow mapping/analysis for operational optimisation. I also provide analytics to support the business decisions of executives and collaborate with stakeholders to ensure alignment of technology and practices with business needs. My previous experiences were also for BA roles under Citi and EY. Getting mentored was probably one of... Read more

Jeremy T

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Researcher & Project Manager - EY

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Hey there! Call me Jeremy. I've been working with Australian customers for over 4 years, bringing products to market with my project and product management knowledge. At present, I'm a project manager at EY and, previously, I worked with the Economic Cooperation Association as a researcher. I also had experience doing influencer marketing, organising and conducting campaigns both online and offlin... Read more

Eduardo S

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Software Tester - Accenture

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Hello there! For the past 6 years, I’ve been working as a software tester, starting at the bottom rung and moving my way up to a senior position. At present, I’m with Accenture where I lead a team of 5 that design and implement high-level test specifications and procedures ensuring accurate validation and verification. Aside from being a software tester, I’m ‘unofficially’ mentoring aspi... Read more

Marcello D

Business Analyst - Wipro

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7+ years in the workforce as a business analyst. At my present employment with Wipro, I conduct gap analysis on existing processes and to-be analysis with a goal of process efficiency and effectiveness. I actively collaborate with stakeholders to define project scope and specific business requirements, and work with the team in sprint planning sessions, business case recommendations, feasibility s... Read more

Finlay C

Business Analyst - Cardinal Health

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I’m a proactive business analyst for Cardinal Health, a distributor of pharmaceuticals and medical and laboratory products and a provider of performance and data solutions healthcare facilities. I conduct business process analysis to identify gaps and issues affecting inventory, stock, and purchase orders. My previous work experiences were with Capital One, Cisco Systems, and Accenture. I’m... Read more

Yusef B

Business Analyst - McKesson

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I’m a passionate business analyst with a proven track record in evaluating and revising operational procedures and determining tech solutions that align with business needs. Highly skilled in risk assessment, policy and procedural changes, and process automation, among others. In my current capacity within McKesson, I’m tasked in leading a team implementing next-generation data management syst... Read more

Aiden V

Project Manager - PM Alliance

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Hi! I’m Aiden. I have been working as a project manager at PM Alliance and have been working in this industry for 9 years in both the private and public sectors. My focus is on delivering projects on time, within budget, and to the required standard. I have a strong background in risk management and have implemented risk management plans for several projects. I am also experienced in contract ma... Read more

Debra H

Software Tester - SalesForce

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5+ years as a software QA tester with a solid background in data intensive and SaaS software testing. Knowledgeable in QA process and best practices development and implementation, data migration, test data creation, and end-to-end system integration testing. My previous experience includes working for Wipro and Infosys. As someone who is a lifelong learner, I find mentoring as a great way to p... Read more

Christine C

Business Analyst - Deloitte

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I have broad experience in business development and operations, account management, and client relations. I started my career as a research data analyst about 4 years ago, and now I’m a business analyst for Deloitte. Part of my job involves conducting business process analysis to identify issues and gaps in the organisational process of clients, create models to identify risks, and recommend sol... Read more

Ron Y

QA Automation Engineer - Adobe

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Hello, my name is Ron. I believe in coincidence and the ability to turn random events or "improbabilities" into possibilities. Life provides us with an infinite number of these opportunities each day. I am a project manager at Projective, a business owner, and author. I have more than 5 years of experience in project management and have written two books on the subject. In my current role, I'm ... Read more

Kathryn B

Project Manager - CSL Consulting

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I'm a certified Project Manager at CSL Consulting with over 7 years of experience in the field. I have worked in various companies, including construction, technology, and healthcare. In each of these industries, I have found that project management principles are essential to success. My passion is to help others learn and grow in their careers, and I have been fortunate to serve as a mentor t... Read more

Thomas D

Senior Software Tester - Accenture

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I’m Thomas, a senior software tester at Accenture with 4+ years of industry experience. Unlike others who got their start in this field as testers, I pivoted from marketing. I acquired certifications and attended trainings and bootcamps to get here. Since then, I’ve worked for two startups before landing at my current employment. That combination of continuous learning and professional experie... Read more