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Thomas D

Senior Software Tester - Accenture

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I’m Thomas, a senior software tester at Accenture with 4+ years of industry experience. Unlike others who got their start in this field as testers, I pivoted from marketing. I acquired certifications and attended trainings and bootcamps to get here. Since then, I’ve worked for two startups before landing at my current employment. That combination of continuous learning and professional experie... Read more

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Software Tester - IBM

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I have over 4+ years of experience in software testing, and I am passionate about delivering quality products that work the way they should and provide excellent experiences to users. I currently work with IBM and before that, I worked at companies like Disney and EY. My career has been supported by my MS and bachelor's degree in computer science as well as CAST, CSTE, and CMST certifications. ... Read more

George J

Senior Project Manager - Synergy Group

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I'm a project manager at Synergy Group with over 5 years of experience in the field. I have worked on projects for client companies in various industries, including automotive, construction, and telecommunications. My skills include project planning, scheduling, budgeting, risk management, and quality control. I am also proficient in Microsoft Project, JIRA, and Primavera P6. I'm familiar with ... Read more

Melissa P

Quality Assurance Tester - HCL Technologies

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Hi! Hope you’re doing well. I’m Melissa, a software QA tester for HCL Technologies with proven experience in software testing and quality assurance for web, mobile, and client-server applications. I have deep familiarity with SDLC and I’m also well-versed in manual and automation testing concepts, JIRA, Airtable, QTP, and databases. It was only about a year ago when I started mentoring y... Read more

Caitlin K

Data Analyst - Absolut Data

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Hi! My name is Caitlin. I have 5 years of experience in iterative development, developing learning cycles, and leading analytic methods and processes. I am with Absolut Data at the moment, and I am responsible for generating creative and new analytic solutions for the organization. Over the years, I have acquired competence in using quantitative analysis to support company and specialized strat... Read more

Ademar B

Software Tester - Microsoft

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A seasoned software QA tester, having been working in the industry for 6+ years. In my current role with Microsoft, I’m a member of a team that conducts quality assurance testing for systems development projects. Some of the tests I carry out are for system, unit, load, performance, regression, stress, and data interface. I also provide detailed reports on identified flaws and offer recommended ... Read more

Bailey G

Project Management Consultant - Ansel Advisory

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I work at Ansel Advisory as a project management consultant, helping companies with the development and implementation of project management processes and procedures. I have over 7 years of experience in the field. My approach to projects is always driven by delivering value to customers and other stakeholders. That is why I always put my best foot forward in everything I do. My career started ... Read more

Alexandra G

Client-facing Business Analyst - Bayer

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Thanks for dropping by my profile. I am a client-facing business analyst at Bayer for more than a year now. I am involved in developing solutions for reporting and requirements of portfolio systems. I am proficient in PowerBI and Planview and I am also well-versed in project management reporting and statistical, mining, algorithmic and visualization techniques. Before working for Bayer, I worked f... Read more

Jason M

Software Test Manager - LTI

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Hi! I’m Jason. I’ve been working in tech as a software tester for 8 years. As a software test manager at LTI, I lead an outstanding team of testers on enterprise software development projects for vendors across industries. My specialties include testing automation, development and implementation of test plans, cases, and processes, SQA testing, scripting and documentation, and QA and QC standa... Read more

Ava B

Business Analyst - Accenture

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Hey there! I’m Ava, a business analyst at Accenture. I have a master’s degree in business analysis and consulting and a bachelor's degree in business management. Before landing in my current employment, I had the pleasure of being part of startups and big companies. My experiences in those previous employments helped honed my BA skills, particularly in business process and workflow mapping/ana... Read more

Monica S

Quality Assurance Analyst - Amazon

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I'm excited to be a mentor for individuals looking to break into project management. I've been working in the capital project management field at PA Consulting Group for over 8 years. In order to deliver commercial value to customers in the Capital Projects market, the job involves providing digital literacy, cutting-edge technology, innovation, analytics skills, and industry knowledge. I also wor... Read more

Richard R

QA Team Coordinator - Grant Thornton

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QA team coordinator with extensive experience in full system development lifecycle and leading teams of testers. Throughout my 7+ year career, I have participated in various testing projects and environments, including enterprise software, web applications, and mobile applications, and tracked and reported on a variety of valuable defects for every project cycle. I bring those experiences and expe... Read more