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Chris S

Data Analyst - Foxconn

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I have been a data analyst for almost 3+ years now. I have my degree in business administration and management information systems. I started my career as a data analyst in the retail industry. I have worked for different companies, including Walmart, Target, and Amazon. I have also worked as a business intelligence consultant and then became a full-time data analyst. In my current role, I... Read more

Sinan H

Quality Assurance Tester - SAS Institute

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QA tester at SAS Institute. Involved in planning, documenting, and implementing functional, validation and systematic testing for the company’s existing software. Before working here, I began my career journey with Microsoft as a test engineer. Over the last 6 years, I have developed expertise in manual and automated testing, data management and analysis, basic modular programming, and scripting... Read more

Binita R

Data analyst - Samsung

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I am currently working at Samsung as a Data analyst. In my role, I work with a team of engineers, product managers, and designers to build new features for Samsung's products. I previously worked as an engineer at Akamai Technologies, where I did many works with big data and machine learning. Then, I worked as a data analyst at Kyruus, where I did work with data warehousing and SQL. Well, I can... Read more

David W

Data Analyst - Accenture

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I have 8+ years of experience working with big data (Hadoop, Spark, Presto), data warehousing (Redshift, Snowflake), and data visualization (Tableau, Looker). I started as a business intelligence consultant and became a full-time data analyst at Accenture. I'm also a big fan of open-source software and have contributed to many projects, including Apache Drill and Presto. If you want to learn ... Read more

Christina H

Senior Test Engineer - Microsoft

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I’m a senior test engineer at Microsoft with 12+ years of experience working on a variety of products and platforms, spanning from mobile applications to proprietary software solutions. At present, I’m part of a team that works on the latest wireless 5G technology, developing scripts and tools for data collection, test execution, and automating system test scenarios. Some of the tools I have e... Read more

Tina R

Senior Data Analyst - Facebook

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I started as a Business Intelligence Consultant and then ventured into the field of data analytics around 5 years ago. I currently work as a senior data analyst for Facebook. I have worked extensively with SQL, Tableau, and other data visualization tools in my past roles. I have also created dashboards and reports for clients from different industries, such as retail, e-commerce, and healthcare. ... Read more

David L

Data Analyst - Google

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I am a data analyst at Google. Data is among the essential resources of any company, and data analysts are responsible for understanding and using that data to improve the business. It is a competitive field, so having the right mentor can make a difference. I specialize in data analysis and marketing. I use data to understand how people interact with Google products and then use that informat... Read more

Jason H

Project Management Consultant - BCG

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Hi, my name is Jason. I am a project management consultant with over 15 years of experience. I have worked with various clients, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. I have experience managing projects of all sizes and complexity levels. I am currently working at BCG as a project management consultant. In this role, I work with clients to help them improve their project management pr... Read more

Harrison P

Senior Business Analyst - JP Morgan Technology

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Hi! I’m glad you are taking the next step to build or advance your current career. I currently work as a senior BA/QA analyst for JP Morgan Technology. I act as a liaison between the business and IT to understand the scope and requirements for application development and ensure that business needs are met. Prior to this, I was with Barclays and a couple of other companies in the fields of IT and... Read more

Jane P

Senior Analyst - PwC

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I’m passionate about identifying scope issues and helping companies improve the efficiency of their processes. I also enjoy building and leading teams that are driven to achieve goals. Currently, I’m a senior analyst at PwC and prior to that, I was with Cisco Systems. If you're someone who wants to get into business analysis and needs assistance for a quick start, I could be the person you... Read more

Andy W

Software Tester - Amazon

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I’m passionate about software testing. And I guess it’s one of those jobs that is underappreciated because the attention always goes to other positions in the development process. This is one of the things that inspired me to become a mentor; I want more people to realise the real value of testing in the development lifecycle and delivery of quality products. As a practitioner myself, I do... Read more

Kamil A

Senior Business Analyst - Farmers Credit Union

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I’m a senior business analyst with Farmers Credit Union, where I handle technical and non-technical projects in the areas of consumer lending. Part of my job involves selecting vendors for projects, creating RFP and business case documentation, conducting process analysis on current business processes, and offering recommendations for improvement. I have also mentored a group of about 20 busines... Read more