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Jessica T

Project Manager - Apple

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Hi! I am Jessica, and I have been in the project management field for over 15 years. I have the opportunity to work with some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple. I started as a project manager at Amazon. I am responsible for understanding the extent of best practices helping and steering customers to establish them. I also work with other teams to promo... Read more

Doran D

Data Analyst - Experian

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Hello! I am Doran, with 5+ years of experience in data analysis. I've worked with companies of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. I've also mentored several people looking to transition into data science or analytics. My experience spans many data analysis tasks, from data sourcing and cleaning to data modeling and machine learning. I've used a variety of programming languages f... Read more

Lucy H

Senior Quality Assurance Tester - SAP

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Through comprehensive testing, I help companies launch user-friendly products that work the way they should. As a senior quality assurance tester for SAP, I develop software requirements and test matrixes and modify test scope documents throughout the testing lifecycle. Some of the projects I worked on include large database applications and ERP applications. Having learned so much from the in... Read more

Katherine J

Software Tester - Unified Infotech

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Experience software tester bringing forth 7+ years of expertise in test planning, execution, and documentation. Part of my job with Unified Infotech is to deliver swift corrective actions on software issues detected through comprehensive assessment and testing. This ensures cost-savings for our clients, which are mostly startups and SMEs. Some areas of my expertise include functional requireme... Read more

Nathan B

Software Tester - Oracle

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I have in-depth experience in manual and automated testing environments, having used that experience to help companies deliver user-friendly and highly scalable systems that serve millions of users worldwide. At present, I'm with Oracle as part of the technical/process QA division, developing quality standards and control methods for testing and inspection. I'm happy and looking forward to off... Read more

Valentina B

Data Analyst - Oracle

(17 reviews)
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Hello! I am Valentina, a certified data analyst at Oracle. For me, data analysis is about understanding the world around us. I use data to understand how people interact with the systems and products every day. I've worked as a data analyst for 5 years and counting. I have experience working with organizations of various sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. During my time at these c... Read more

Madison S

Project Manager - Accenture

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Hello! I have working as a project manager at Accenture, and I have been with the company for over 5 years. A career as a project manager can be very rewarding. You get to work with some of the best companies and people. I started my journey as a junior project management staff at a small enterprise. During my time there, I am responsible for coordinating and implementing software development ... Read more

Danielle F

Project Manager - Microsoft

(19 reviews)
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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to visit my profile. I am Danielle, I am an enthusiast senior project manager at Microsoft. I believe that as a project manager, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends. Thus, I am always keen to attend workshops and seminars to help me grow professionally. Now, I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer. I have worked as a project mana... Read more

Saurabh S

Project Manager - Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

(15 reviews)
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Hello! My name is Saurabh, and I have been working as a project manager for about 7 years now. I have worked in various areas such as system administration, and project management. I currently work as a project manager at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), one of the largest IT service providers in the world. I have been working with TCS for about 4 years now. I am responsible for managing and de... Read more

Rachel R

Project Manager - Amazon

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Hello! My name is Rachel, and I have worked in the technology industry for over 20 years. I have worked in various roles such as system administration, project management, and software engineering. I started my career as a programmer and then moved on to work in different areas of the technology field. Currently, I am a project manager at Amazon, and I have been working in this role for about 5 ye... Read more

Tayla D

Project Manager - KPMG

(10 reviews)
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Hello everyone! My name is Tayla. I am a project manager at KPMG, a project management consultancy. I have been working as a project manager for over 4 years in the mining, resources, and construction industries. I am a customer-centric project manager and focus on ensuring that all stakeholders are happy with the project's outcome, regardless of whether they are internal or external to the org... Read more

Julian M

Business Analyst - Bank of America

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Thanks for checking out my profile! So far, I have worked for a couple of companies as a business analyst, the latest being with Bank of America. I’m part of the global technology team that manages data platforms and critical enterprise programs. I perform analysis of data, create various business requirements, and track and drive corrective actions for data issues. I’m sincerely intereste... Read more