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Shilpa P

Product Manager - Aviva

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Seasoned product manager with over 13 years of experience managing end-to-end product lifecycle, leading product development sprints, and managing stakeholders. I started my career as a business analyst, and eventually made my way up to my current role as a product manager for Aviva. Previously, I worked for companies like Hugo & Cat, CACI Ltd, Amazon UK, Rank Group, OMD International, and Tata Co... Read more

Susan R

Development Project Manager / Operations - Facebook

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Seasoned project manager with more than 16 years of experience in IT, Business Development, Program Management, Project Development, Operations Management, Sales and Digital Marketing. I have had the honour of contributing my knowledge and expertise to Fortune 500 organisations with a high level of world presence and business recognition, allowing me to gain an in-depth understanding of handling b... Read more

Ranendra P

Senior UX Design Specialist - SAP Labs

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I’m Ranendra, an Indian multi-faceted designer with specialties in Interaction Design, Service Design and User Research, currently based in Bangalore, India. I believe in empathy, human-centered design and co-creation to create meaningful products, services or experiences. I have done my bachelors in Computer Science, an HFI Certified Usability Analyst and in the industry for over 10 years now.

Alexandra N

Investment Management Analyst - ex Goldman Sachs

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After graduating from Imperial College London I worked at Goldman Sachs. I started out as an investment management spring intern, then as an investment management summer analyst before settling into a full-time role as an investment management analyst in January 2019. I worked as part of the quantitative investment strategies team. Prior to working for GS, I was a Machine Learning research assista... Read more

Anda B

Project Manager - Microsoft

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Project manager and eLearning leader with extensive experience in online training delivery and operations management, stakeholder management, team development and management, business process improvement, and recruitment. I’m now involved as a project manager for Microsoft, where I also previously took on the roles of learning and development lead and recruitment specialist. Prior to that, I w... Read more

Malene M

Project Manager - Google

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As a project manager at Google, I lead and execute search excellence projects, YouTube programs, and training initiatives. I also design and implement educational programs on Google’s products and platforms, as well as develop cross-platform solutions around YouTube. Before Google, I co-founded Corellage, a Danish agency for SMEs. In the four years that I was the director of the agency, it... Read more

Beatriz L

Fashion Designer - Jan Taminiau

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Emmanuell N

Project Manager - Microsoft

(12 reviews)
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Project manager at Microsoft with proven experience working on cross-functional projects, development, marketing, and strategic thinking. Before stepping into my current job, I took on diverse roles from Java developer to a strategic thinker, to chief marketing officer. I have worked for companies like Greensoft, Colibri Consulting, Cult of Coders, and Affirma. Highly passionate about effective ... Read more

Sofia A

Investment Analyst - UBS

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I currently work as an investment analyst for the chief investment office, strategic asset allocation at UBS. My 5+ years of professional experience spans from advising potential clients on the most suitable program based on their financial situation and needs, to investment banking, to trading. I have worked for such companies as NOVO BANCO, Accenture Portugal, HAITONG, Nova Investment Club, and ... Read more

Cristina S

Menswear Fashion Designer - HUGO BOSS

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Experienced fashion designer, working in the industry since 2014. Currently working as a menswear fashion designer for Hugo Boss, designing jersey for the casual and smart casual division and working as a CLO 3D ambassador, closet key user, and part of the future style documentation project. I previously worked for luxury fashion brands like Studio Chiassai for the Fendi Menswear runway collection... Read more

Mad D

Designer & Artistic Director - Très Rasché, Louis Vuitton, Reebok

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Designer with 7+ years of industry experience. Graduated from Otis College of Art & Design with a BA in Product Design (fashion specific). Always working towards something new, multifunctional, sustainable, and relevant. Rendered my design expertise for brands like Reebok (sneaker designer), Louis Vuitton (jewellery designer), Persee Paris (jewellery designer), and Dimepiece LA (fashion design... Read more

Stephen R

Product Manager - Google

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Stephen Ratcliffe - Mentor Profile I have more than a decade long career at Google, having started out as a global banking product lead in 2011 and eventually moving into a product manager role, where I lead teams managing Android Pay and Pay EMEA. I have a proven track record of consistently exceeding goals to deliver, launch, and grow new personal finance products across countries. My career ... Read more