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Maggie C

Data Analyst - LinkedIn

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Hello everyone! My name is Maggie, and I am a data analyst at LinkedIn. I have over 6+ years of experience working in the technology industry. I started my career as a product manager at a startup called Humin. I then worked as a data analyst at Facebook and Twitter. Currently, I work on the data science team at LinkedIn. My main responsibility is to help improve the product by analyzing data ... Read more

Kenneth P

Project Manager - Anderson Macgyver

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I'm a project manager at Anderson Macgyver with over 10 years of experience in the IT industry. I have worked on various projects, ranging from small internal applications to large-scale enterprise software. I'm responsible for managing teams of developers working on a new software application in my current role. My duties also include planning, integrating, and organizing large-scale, cross-fu... Read more

Jonathan D

Software Tester - AIG

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Software testing professional accustomed to working in complex projects for clients in the healthcare, marketing, transportation, and insurance industries. At the moment, I am with AIG, developing and implementing QA and QC methodologies and bringing the QA testing process throughout the development cycle to ensure code and software quality and developer productivity. My own career has been a ... Read more

Christopher A

Senior Data Analyst - eBay

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Hello everyone! My name is Christopher, and I'm a data analytics professional with more than ten years of multinational experience in various sectors. I'm originally from Switzerland, but I've worked in the US, UK, Spain, and Germany. I started as an auditor but transitioned into data analytics in 2009. I have worked for PwC, Deloitte, and KPMG. Currently, I am working as a senior data analyst ... Read more

Othello V

Senior Software Tester - Nvidia

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Senior software tester with more than 6 years of experience in performing complex quality control checks on custom applications. Currently employed at Nvidia. Experienced in software development life cycle (SDLC) and proficient in agile testing, automation testing, defect tracking and test case management, database, version control, and APIs. Some of the things I value as a professional includ... Read more

Luke W

Senior Data Analyst - Microsoft

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Hi everyone! My name is Luke, and I'm a senior data analyst at Microsoft. I've been working in data analysis for the past five years. In my current role, I work on the Power BI team. I am responsible for creating data models and visualizations that help our users make better business decisions. Also, intending to share my knowledge in the field, I have published two books on data analytics. ... Read more

Madison W

Project/Operations Manager - UMS Group

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Hi! Thank you for visiting my service page. I am a project/operations manager working at UMS Group. I have experience working with start-ups as well as large corporations in the past. I have been in the industry for 7+ years and have experience leading teams of up to 30 members. Most of my role in the companies that I have been working with entails following a standard project management proces... Read more

Connor B

Data Analyst - Google

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Hello everyone! My name is Connor, and I am a data analyst at Google. After working for a few years as a software engineer, I decided to switch to data analytics because I loved working with data and using it to solve problems. As a data analyst, I am responsible for analyzing all the data from users and ensuring it is accurate. I also use data to improve the user experience on the website and ... Read more

Clovis M

Automation Test Engineer - Tapestry Solutions

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Automation test engineer with more than 8 years of working experience. Currently involved with Tapestry Solutions, a company offering information management software and services. I’m part of a team that supports system integration and cyber security. I have solid experience in full cycle development, functional automation testing using Selenium, Java, SOAP, and QTP, system integration testing, ... Read more

Terry Y

Head of Data and Insight - Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE)

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Hello! My name is Terry. I have worked in the analytical field for 8+ years, including advertising consultancy, eCommerce, fintech, online gaming, and luxury brands/furniture. Currently, I am working as Head of Data and Insight at Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE). In this role, I have led teams of data analysts and data engineers responsible for providing insights and recomme... Read more

Sedrick P

Software Tester - Accenture

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Hello! My name is Sedrick, and I am a project manager at Bechtel with over 10 years of experience. I have also worked in a variety of industries such as construction, IT, and manufacturing. I am currently a project manager at a construction company. I have been working in Bechtel for about 5 years now. My responsibilities include overseeing the construction of commercial and residential buildin... Read more

Chris S

Data Analyst - Foxconn

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I have been a data analyst for almost 3+ years now. I have my degree in business administration and management information systems. I started my career as a data analyst in the retail industry. I have worked for different companies, including Walmart, Target, and Amazon. I have also worked as a business intelligence consultant and then became a full-time data analyst. In my current role, I... Read more