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I'm a data analyst with over five years of experience driving business solutions and delivering value through data interpretation and analysis. I have worked for companies such as Oracle and Deloitte in the past. I have a solid knowledge in analytics, statistics, and finance and I’m also proficient in data modeling, cleaning, manipulation, and transformation. Some of the tools I work with include Python, SQL, and Power BI. I take pride in my persistence, empathy, and diligence.

Apart from my professional work, I enjoy teaching data analysis to those with an interest in the discipline. I do that by volunteering my time teaching youths, helping them develop in-depth understanding of data analysis, minimizing technical jargon and articulating concepts using details they can easily understand. I'd like to continue that advocacy by providing mentoring to anyone looking to break into a career in data. If that is you, feel free to contact me. I'm always looking forward to having insightful conversations.

19 reviews

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