Muhammad U

Amazon Web Services

Hi, My name is Muhammad Umer and I am a Software Engineer currently working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) (! I work in the identity organization - which means everything related to login/session management/Single Sign on etc. If you have ever logged into AWS, you have used my work.

Previously, I was working with Upwork ( which is the largest Freelancing company out there. I have architected and developed the core flows which freelancers and clients use to find/post jobs. So, if you have ever freelanced on Upwork, you have already used my work.

I am a seasoned technical interviewer and actively interview candidates in Amazon. Also, I was a part of the hiring committee in Upwork previously.

I can help you build a solid career in FAANG as an engineer or kickstart your freelancing career. I have more than 80kUSD in earning through my Upwork profile.