Luciana O     Verified

PayPal Holdings, Inc.

Security architect at Fortune 50 financial payments company. with a breadth of experience in developing security solutions that protect businesses’ critical information and information systems from a number of vulnerabilities and threats. I also have about a decade of professional experience working for a petroleum company serving in such capacities as security solutions architect, security engineer and network security engineer.

I hold a master’s degree in information security engineering and a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications. With my passion for learning, I have also received several security certifications, notable of which include Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) and GIAC Security Expert (GSE). I always find motivation and inspiration from having engaging and thought-provoking conversations. I also enjoy helping others building their security and technical acumen, which explains my inclination towards mentoring. I run an online course on Designing for Security, but if you want a more intensive, 1-on-1 learning on the subject, get in touch with and let’s discuss about mentorship.