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Become the product design leader you want to be and grab the attention of prospective employers with your design abilities. Receive quality mentorship from an experienced product design mentor with the help of Speedy Mentors. Sign up to our platform and be able to get in touch with a career mentor in product design. This is the perfect opportunity that will definitely give you the competitive advantage to realise your product design career in no time.

Starting a career in product design is not easy. The job market is competitive and employers’ expectations run high. A time-tested way to overcome all these challenges and bring about successful career outcomes is to find a product design mentor who can provide the guidance, support, advice, and role modelling you need to upgrade your skills and move your career forward. Use Speedy Mentors to effortlessly find a product design mentor online. With hundreds of mentors to choose from, you are sure to match with the right product design expert with whom you can communicate anytime. Who says finding and engaging with an experienced product design coach have to be difficult?

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Chandra Kakara  

AMS Project Manager - Accenture

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If you are looking for practical guidance and support to grow your understanding and skills in production support and development of enterprise applications, then I can help! As an experienced IT production support manager with 16 years of experience in the industry, I have a wide breadth of expertise in Java/J2EE, PCF, Salesforce, Siebel, Spring and Microservices. I’m also skilled in escalat... Read more

Weblogic XML PL/SQL Websphere Jenkins AppDynamics JBoss Application Server Oracle

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Jon Lewis-Darke  

Mentor & Coach - Every Interaction

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I’m a design director specializing in digital products, user interface, interaction and UX design. I work with product, design and development teams, providing direction and advice on UX, product, design and strategy. I also help companies achieve competitive advantage in the market through effective visual communication, product development, innovation and management, and better audience engage... Read more

Product Design User Interface Design User Experience Web Design Information Architecture Interaction Design Product strategy

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We strive to provide top quality mentoring and work experience to people. To deliver on that goal, we connect candidates with some of the best Product Design development experts from different parts of the globe. These mentors are personally handpicked and thoroughly vetted by our team, making sure they are up to the task of helping candidates explore the field, take their skills to the next level, and pursue a definitive path to success.

It takes as little as three steps to find a Product Design coach online using Speedy Mentors. Once you have found the right career coach in Product Design, you can immediately proceed with the Product Design mentorship program. Not only will your mentor familiarise you with the concepts and practices of the discipline, they will also support you in developing your skills set and getting real-world project experience that is applicable to the workforce. You can also take advantage of this 1-on-1 mentorship opportunity to raise questions, discuss your progress, and receive feedback.
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Frequently Asked Questions

To find and book a mentor, follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Explore our roster of mentors and find the right one for your needs.
Step 2: tell us more about yourself and the area you need help with.
Step 3: Book a mentor and get started with the mentorship.
At a fundamental level, a mentor can provide knowledge, advice, feedback and resources to help with your professional development. They may also share information about their own career to let you visualize the demands and challenges you could potentially face as you pursue a similar path. Likewise, a mentor can assist you in setting goals and figuring out ways to achieve them, developing your strengths, preparing for job search, making difficult decisions, navigating other career-related transitions. Put it simply, a mentor can help you thrive no matter what stage you are at in your career.
If you are interested to get mentored, you can go over our mentors’ page to see the list of professionals who can work with you to reach your goal. You can then book a mentor directly on the site and settle the payment if the mentor you are trying to book charges a fee. Take note that some of our mentors offer free trial for 3 days. In such case, you can go ahead and book their service, receive mentoring, and cancel anytime within the trial period.

Many of the mentorships we offer do not necessarily require experience or qualifications for you to get started. However, this will still depend on the mentor you pick. Some of them have basic requirements so you will have to check those on the mentor’s dedicated profile. Other than that, you will only need a computer and a stable Internet connection to get started with the process.

When you work with one of our mentors, you can expect to receive professional support in the sector or role you are trying to pursue or are already in. This support may involve the availability of your mentor to provide insight and advice on issues, delegate assignments and tasks, offer actionable coaching, and deliver constructive feedback.

Take note that since there is no pre-structured curriculum to follow, each session may vary depending on your needs and the availability of your mentor. Your mentor is there to help you on your professional development by imparting to you his/her knowledge, experience and skills and point you towards the right resources that can contribute to the achievement of your goals.

Also, do not expect that your mentor will be available round the clock and will provide instant replies. Majority of our mentors hold full time jobs and are allocating a huge portion of their free time to help others. Your mentor will respond to you as soon as he/she is available.

There is no limit on how many times you can interact with your mentor in a week. You can contact them at any time, but you may have to wait for a reply (do not forget that they have jobs, too), which should not take more than a day or two. If your mentor is not responding to you for more than two days, please let us know so we can follow up on them.