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Andrew Maynard

Data Analyst at Self employed
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A mathematician, physicist, statistian, data analyst, computer programmer & expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. I have a first in mathematics from Cambridge and a PhD in pure mathemaics, this demonstrates that I have excellent analytic and problem solving skills that can be applied to almost any situation. I also have well developed programming skills that can be coupled with data base management and data extraction. This data can then be used in a variety of statistical packages to create machine learning and utilise artificial intelligence techniques to create very powerful predictive tools.

I have decades of experience programming computers on a variety of platforms. Starting with Basic, pascal, fortran and C++, years ago. More recently C#, Visual basic, php, phython, java amongst others, I am also a very quick learner and can pick up new languages to a sophisticated level, within weeks. I have a lot of experience using these languages to make SQL calls to bring in large data-sets and and API calls to gather meta data. This data can then be analysed used cutting edge statistical packages like R and matlab to perform deep statistical analyses, that permit one to make deep insights into large data sets. Utilising R and API calls, I can have also developed very powerful exploration tools that allow graphs, maps and meta data to simultanoeusly displayed, which allow fast insightful exploration of vast data sets.

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