Book "Work Review" with Wanda Scordo

Wanda Scordo

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Approx. 60 Minutes 70.00

Message from Wanda

A responsible, proactive, and organized webmaster who’s been in the UX/UI field for 4+ years. I help companies improve traffic in their site and enhance their engagement and conversions through content analysis, ongoing optimization, UX/UI innovation and implementation of coding best practices. Want to start a career in the UX/UI field as a webmaster? I can provide guidance so you can develop a solid career game plan. I can also give you tips about UX/UI design, optimization, wireframing, content, usability and WordPress design.

About this Session

Do you have a work to deliver and you need a second opinion before send it to your client? Let me help you! STEP 1: Send me your work and tell me about it. If there's a special detail to check, let me know. // STEP 2: I'll review your work focusing on what you need and I'll send you a feedback with my comments.