Yogesh Kumar  

Software Engineer - Morgan Stanley United States
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Yogesh is a highly experienced software development engineer with a Master of Science in Computer Science specializing in Interactive Intelligence from Georgia Institute of Technology. With 10+ years of experience under his belt, he has provided his expertise in industries that include healthcare, retail, banking and finance, and professional services. At the moment, he is with Morgan Stanley where he successfully architected the automation framework for the bank’s different trading applications, enabling them to fetch BlackRock Alladin and Batch Risk score in real time. He’s also previously worked for such companies as KPMG US, CVS Health and Davita Inc.

Aside from his interest and expertise in software development engineering, Yogesh is also an AI and machine learning enthusiast. He has designed, developed and delivered a variety of machine learning algorithms using Python and Scikit-learn APIs. Get in touch with Yogesh to know more about him and to tap into his experience and knowledge in software development engineering, AI and machine learning.

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