Vivek Sharath  

Data Analyst - Applied Research Laboratories United States
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I’m a data analyst/data scientist specializing in machine learning, predictive modeling, data visualization, data structures, data collection and processing, test data modeling, database administration, and query optimization. I previously worked as a security analyst for Applied Research Laboratories, where I generated over 1,700 synthetic voice clips using the Sprocket library’s API and trained a logistic regression model that classified artificial clips as either genuine or automated with 81% accuracy. Prior to that, I was the lead quantitative analyst for Bilingual Annotations Research Group, where I applied logistic regression to predict the presence of a matrix language in Spanish-English mixed language data.

At the moment, I work as the vice president of Zero to Fit, a non-profit company that I co-founded, which is focused on educating youth in low-income areas on the importance of exercise, nutrition and mental health. As you can see, I strongly advocate learning for development. I’d like to continue with that by sharing my knowledge, experience and expertise to mentees looking to get involved in the data science field.

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