Shekhar Shanmugam  

Head of Global Strategy and Analytics - Palo Alto Networks United States
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I’m Palo Alto Networks’ Head of Global Strategy and Analytics. My expertise lies in cloud applications, big data pipeline, Google Analytics, Tableau and Einstein analytics. I’m also skilled in defining key performance drivers, web analytics, retention analysis, behavioral personas, cleaning and structuring data from multiple sources, and data analysis using SQL, Python and Tableau. In the past, I worked for companies like LinkedIn, VMware, Wipro Limited, Cisco Systems, NetApp and Xilinx.

By bringing together my expertise and through effective analytics, I have led the team I’m working with in a number of successes in global sales and web analytics projects, from growth in bookings to significant reduction in sales quote approval cycle time. This goes to show my commitment and enthusiasm to achieve targets, and I’m willing to bring these to my mentorship sessions. Let’s work on building your competence and confidence through insights, knowledge integration, skills development, and meaningful projects!

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