Rajat Mehrotra  

Senior Software Engineer - Teradata Aster United States
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I’m a computer scientist with 14+ years of experience in full cycle custom application development, enterprise integration, configuration management, and enterprise applications’ maintenance. 10+ years in software infrastructure development and 5+ years in data science with a focus on application of machine learning algorithms for analysis of large and complex data sets from disparate sources. Currently involved as a Sr. Software Engineer for Advanced Analytics Ecosystem at Teradata Aster. I have a solid track record in leading the development of full-stack solutions for clients from telecommunication, transportation and weather forecasting industries, having used my experience and expertise in big data analytics and machine learning to drive the success of projects.

What can I contribute in your professional development and career success? I know how to set goals and I show enthusiasm in supporting you to take action to realize your goals. Whether you are new to the field or are looking to take your career to the next level, I’ve been there and I know the uncertainties you face. I can use my experience as a basis to help you get there.

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