Enrique Martinez Gordillo  

Data Scientist - Consultant Spain
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I’m a data scientist with a broad-based experience in creating, developing, testing and deploying data-driven solutions for businesses using appropriate tools and strategies. I’m proficient in using Python, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Skickit-Learn, Pytorch, Tableau, and a variety of machine learning techniques for performing in-depth data analysis, visualization and forecasting.

As a practicing data scientist who has collaborated with a number of companies, and as someone who previously worked as a data science instructor, I can leverage my experience and technical skills to guide others in understanding and growing their capabilities in the areas of data science, machine learning, programming (Python), deep learning, and big data with Apache Spark. Additionally, I can provide insight and offer advice on how to break into a career in data science, as I have a background in technical interviewing.

I enjoy creating things, and I have applied that passion in developing and launching my first desktop and mobile web app for booking gastronomic experiences, TogetherFood.com. Having actively took part in the creation and business development process of the said, I am ready to bring the same level of commitment and enthusiasm in the mentorship process, so mentees can look forward to a meaningful learning experience.

Let’s connect and allow me to help you in exploring and learning about different aspects of data science, machine learning, Python, deep learning and big data.

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