Alp Turgut  

Creative Director / Lead UX/UI Designer - ArtX Design Consultancy United Kingdom
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What defines me as a product designer as mentor is the deep compassion I have for users as well as my ability to work effectively across numerous disciplines.

Whether I'm designing, consulting or mentoring, my goal is to create a story and make it premium, easy and most importantly meaningful.

When facing design challenges, I don't just create solutions on my own; I seek an understanding from all relevant users and subject matter experts.

Having a broad range of experiences, from well known companies like Nike, Atlassian, Salesforce, O2 and Rolls-Royce, lets me collaborate well in teams and empathise sincerely with customers.

Everything starts with right collaboration and right portfolio and as freelaner designer who has selected as one of the Top 20 of UK, percentage of my mantees to get a job with the right and end-to-end portfolio is very high.

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