Book "Work Review" with Safi Ullah

Safi Ullah

Senior Software Engineer
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Message from Safi

I'm a Full-Stack developer with around 4 years of experience. I have worked with Multinational companies in the past, providing them my services as a Full Stack Developer. My development experience includes the following tech stack: - React | Typescript | Redux | MobX | Context API | Hooks | Semantic UI - ASP.NET Core | CQRS + MediatR pattern | EntityFrameworkCore Code First | Identity | FluentValidations | JWT etc - Node | Express | MongoDB | JWT Passport Authentication - Angular | Vue - Blazor | Redux | Fluxor - ASP.NET MVC | ASP.NET Web Forms - SQL Server | Database Development - JavaScript | ES6+ | OOP in JS | TDD using Jasmine - HTML5 | CSS3 | Bootstrap4 FACEBOOK'S TRAINING PROGRAM GRADUATE: I was one of the 50 globally selected candidates by FACEBOOK for their "Facebook Training Program - Front-end development using JavaScript and React" in 2019, which is a 1-year long bachelors level diploma, level 6 on the EQF (European Qualifications Framework), registered with the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP), affiliated with Board of Paris, France.

About this Session

Unfortunately, I wasnt lucky enough to have the seniors who would nurture young developers. We all have different pace of improvements and judgment is wrong. This is the reason that I teach my juniors like a beginner, step by step with a proper guide. Which code is scalable, why we should follow a certain patterns, why we need to follow the principles, how we can save ourselves from the technical debt. I will be happy to help you in your jouney of becoming a solid software engineer!